Hair Metal Monday 02/02/2015

In honor of Butch Walker's new record 'Afraid of Ghosts' (go buy it, seriously - stop reading my bullshit and buy it already) it's time to spotlight his contribution to the wonderful world of 80's glam metal.

...and boy were they glam:

Unlike so many who started out in hair metal bands *cough*Godsmack*cough* Butch has never hid his roots. Hell, the first third of his autobiography is about Southgang.

Musically they were nothing special. I owned their first record but only because I owned every record by every band who looked like that, and even I didn't think it was that great.

Eventually he made his way through Floyd's Funk Revival and Marvelous 3. He's mainly famous for being a producer/songwriter to the stars (Katy Perry, Pink, Weezer, Fall Out Boy and a ton of others), but his almost a dozen solo records are where he really shines. Buy all of them, now.

Anyway, here's where he started. For all you youngsters, try not to cringe too much.