My Favorite Apps (Mac Edition)

I get asked a lot for recommendations and what apps I can't live without, so here's a quick rundown:


I question if I'd ever get anything accomplished without Omnifocus. It's far and way the best task management app I've ever used. It functions just fine as a simple to do list, but the real power is it's ability to conform to a complete GTD system. You can group single actions into projects, assign contexts, get available tasks based on location, etc. It lets me get everything out of my brain and into a system where I can be sure I take care of what needs to be done.


The beauty of TextExpander is in it's simplicity. Have anything you find yourself typing over and over and over? Let TextExpander automate it for you. You setup quick 3, 4 or 5 character nonsensical strings that expand into something much larger. ngcx automatically becomes addyx expands to my full home address. siggx becomes my work email signature. nummx fills out all the details for an extremely long form email I have to send out multiple times a day at work. You're only limited by your imagination.


Evernote is my digital junkdrawer. It's where I keep everything. Recipes, bank statements, lists of albums I want to listen to, user manuals, online bill pay receipts, workout logs, photos of drawings my son makes, drafts of blog posts, practically everything I find online or create on my Mac eventually ends up in Evernote.


Much like how TextExpander keeps me from having to type the same things repeatedly, Hazel frees me from the tedious (but necessary) act of file maintenence. It automates actions based on criteria you setup. Some of the rules I can't imagine not having: Any file in my downloads folder ending in .doc, .xls or .pdf automatically gets moved to the 'Documents' folder after 48 hours. Any item on my desktop gets a red label after 24 hours as a visual reminder to do something with it. Any photos in the downloads folder get automatically moved to Apple Photos after 24 hours. Any screenshot on my desktop automatically gets moved to a special Screenshots' folder after 2 hours. Any .pdf from the source URL in my downloads folder immediately gets moved into the 'Banking' notebook in Evernote. Any music files in my downlaods folder get automatically imported into iTunes after 24 hours. The list goes on and on. I have probably 100 different Hazel rules, and each one makes my life a little bit easier.


I saved the most important for last. I don't know what I can say about 1 Password that I haven't already typed numerous times before. I'm not even going to bother writing about it now. Just click the link above and buy it. ASAP. It's not only that good - in 2015 it's damn near necessary.