How Much To Share?

Despite what may seem like the exact opposite, I try to not post when I get too far down the hole of depression and beating myself up becomes a full time job.

I really don't want people to visit this site for the first time, peruse the posts and decide I'm the saddest person in the entire world. I'm really not. 90% of the time I may not be Mr. Happy Go Lucky, but I'm not wallowing in a burnt out hellscape of misery either.

I'm a normal guy who unfortuantely more often than most gets caught up in self pity and a desire for self destruction. I swear the people who know me best will vouch that I'm not as bad as my occasional posts here would seem. Granted sometimes it's because I'm hiding behind a fake smile and a dirty mind, but in most cases I'm fine.

Just wanted to get that out there...