9 Years Ago Today

I became a homeowner. Fucking weird to think I've now been in this house longer than any home I've ever lived in. 

It's been flooded, rebuilt, destroyed by a puppy, had electrical problems, water problems, AC problems...the list goes on and on. If I had to do it all over again I really don't think I'd have ever bought a house. At least not this house. Too many things to go wrong and not enough money to fix them.

All that said. It's home. Even with all the headache it's a little tiny piece of Nashville/Davidson County I can say is my own. Beyond that though, I helped raise a child here, (tried) to raise a puppy here, fell in love here, had my heart broken here, laughed here and cried here. Those are what make it home, way more than the shitty build quality or my serious lack of landscaping skills.