Adios Facebook

I wrote last year about my attempt to leave Facebook and my subsequent return less than a week later. I've always enjoyed a love/hate relationship with the site. I've rekindled friendships with people I hadn't seen in 20 years and became even closer with people I see every day. Unfortunately I also get subjected to political and religious posts that make me dislike people I otherwise love and respect. That, combined with seeing photos and posts that brought out some high school level jealousy (sorry about that...) lead me to deactivate my account once again.

Unlike last time where it seemed like a struggle at points, this go 'round I've had absolutely no desire to log back in. None. The last 7 days days I've talked and/or texted with so many people I'd normally only communicate with via Facebook. It's feels more real. More like an actual friendship. Conversing with people I honestly want to and not being forced to see posts of those I felt obligated to add to a meaningless friends list. I've discovered the best social network is my Contacts app. And I haven't been sent a single pro-Jesus or anti-Obama post yet.

p.s. Another bonus is increased writing here. I'd rather put my thoughts on my own site with my name attached than give Mark Zuckerberg an additional $.000324 in ad revenue with every post.