Knowing Your Audience, Sometimes Literally

Today I had one of the highest traffic days in the 4 years I've had this site running. From Blogger to Wordpress to Tumblr and now Squarespace I've deleted content and started over several times, each time changing the focus slightly and trying to make it a little more personal, a little more me.

It's weird yet humbling that people I don't know are going to be reading this. It's even weirder that people I do know are reading posts that were inspired by and sometimes directed at them.

It's tempting to not share things that are too close to home and stick to tech news links and funny photos, but blogs like that are a dime a dozen. It's cathartic to put words to print. Things I would never post on Facebook I feel comfortable writing here. I can't let who might see it, or how many, effect that.