Earlier today I caught a link to Robert Plant's new song. It's weird. It sounds nothing like anything he's ever done before. I didn't like it.

And for all those reasons it's completely fucking awesome.

He could've tried to be trendy. He could've jumped on whatever hipster bandwagon is selling right now. Most of all he could've put Led Zeppelin back together and made 100 gazillion dollars. It would be the biggest tour of all time without question.

Not doing any of those things takes major balls.

When you're almost 70 years old and have achieved everything you could ever dream of, why should you cave to what the industry expects? This is a guy flying in the face of convention, nostalgia and loads of $$$ to do exactly what he wants to do right now. He has no desire to go out and sing 40+ year old songs for a massive paycheck. He doesn't owe the music business, the fans or Jimmy Page a damn thing.

So many other artists would've been lucky to make the same decision.