YouTube Generation

Friday night I hung out with someone considerably younger (and way less into music) than I am and discovered something I literally had no idea about.

Even with as all over the map as my tastes can be, there's not a damn thing you can't find on YouTube. Individual tracks, rare b-sides, even entire albums. They were all there. I even tried looking for the most obscure shit I could think of and still found all of it. At one point we were trying to concoct a way to hook my laptop to her TV, that was out the window as soon as I pulled up the YouTube app on the Roku. It had everything,

I'm still partial to owning the music I love. Call me old fashioned, or just plain old, but one's record collection is a part of who they are. Another way to express themselves. Though in theory I can't argue with her statement "that's why I never buy or download music, all of it is right here". 

And we wonder why the music industry is on the verge of utter collapse. Good riddance. The younger generations have made up their mind, and your archaic ways are no longer part of their future.