Hair Metal Monday 01/12/2015

This week's entry is a band whose debut album I listened to almost every morning getting ready my first 2 years in high school. And yes, "getting ready" consisted of massive amounts of hairspray and various dangling bracelets. Hey, you had to look the part too.

I wish I could write more than a couple of lines about Shark Island, but I still 25 years later know almost nothing about them. Their singer later joined the "supergroup" (and I use that term very loosely) Contraband with members of Ratt and Vixen. Other than that I don't think they've been heard from in a couple of decades.

Great song though, and the entire album was fantastic. The vocals are a bit Jm Morrison at points, but I don't let my burning hatred of the Doors influence my opinion ;) Worth checking out if you can find a cheap used copy. This is another one of those records that now sell for exorbitant prices on eBay. Too bad the band can't pocket any of that cash. It's probably more than Sony ever paid them.