Hair Metal Monday 10/19/2015

Faster Pussycat acheived platinum success with their second album, 1989's 'Wake Me When It's Over'. Highlighted by the Top 20 ballad "House of Pain", the album was slickly produced, tight and the opposite of their 1987 debut.

Sounding more like a drunken version of the '72 Stones than anything resembling the metal of the time, when I heard their first album it was exactly what I was looking for at the time. I hadn't heard the New York Dolls or 'Exile On Main Street' yet, so this was my first exposure to a band that could barely play but still sounded fucking awesome. Ragged, sleazy and likely to fall apart at any minute. It was a revelation.

The band changed their sound several more times throughout their career (pop metal, grunge, industrial), never coming close to the glorious racket of that first record.