Hair Metal Monday 10/05/2015

This week's entry was Denmark's shot at 80's metal greatness, D.A.D.

Originally formed in 1984 and called Disneyland After Dark, the band was forced to change their name after putting out their first album 'Call Of The Wild' in 1986. Due to the success of that European only release, the band was signed by Warner Brothers and began working on their American debut.

Released in 1989 'No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims' quickly shot into the Billboard 100 and garnered major coverage in the US music press. The first single "Sleeping My Day Away" was a Headbanger's Ball staple and the band toured through 1990. Their second Warner Brothers album 'Risking It All' came out in 1991 but failed to capitalize on the success of the previous record. A combination of that album's lackluster sales, record company reshuffling and the emergence of grunge lead to D.A.D. being dropped in early 1992.

In the past 20+ years the band has stayed active in their native Denmark and Scandinavia, scoring several major hits and headlining festivals throughout Europe. Although they've never released another album in the US, they've established a loyal American fanbase and their subsequent records have sold considerably well for import-only releases.

(and most importantly, their song "Rim Of Hell" was the soundtrack to waaaay too many of my drunken nights in high school)