This past weekend I was going through a closet in my house and discovered my long forgotten notebook burial ground.

A stack of 3 Moleskines, 3 Field Notes guides and another 2 cheap spiral bound notebooks. All with maybe 10 pages written between them.

I went through a stretch where I was looking for the "perfect" notebook. I'm not sure if I was planning on journaling, drawing or drafting, but I had some grandiose idea of how an old fashioned paper notebook would transform me into Bukowski. Instead of actively trying to use them I'd get frustrated and find reasons why none of them were quite right. Whatever that means.

Then today I listened to the latest episode of Back To Work and Merlin's tips on how and most importantly why to use a notebook were a revelation. I got home and immediately blew the dust off of one of the Moleskines. Tomorrow I'll start filling it up with anything and everything that comes to mind. It doesn't have to be good, neat or even logical. It just needs to be done.