Hair Metal Monday 02/16/2015

This week's entry is courtesy of L.A. based (weren't they all?) band Hurricane.

Their main claim to fame at the time was their bass player and guitarist were the brothers of the bass player and guitarist in Quiet Riot, who were all but done by the time of Hurricane's debut album in 1988. A few years earlier it might've generated some buzz, but now it's little more than another trivial factoid stuck in my brain from reading entirely too many issues of 'Circus' magazine. Their singer, Kelly Hansen, is now the singer in Foreigner. So look for him playing a state fair near you soon.

All joking aside both of their albums are really good. I won't pretend they were ahead of their time or were some kind of overlooked masterpieces, but for what they were they're one of the best of the bands who never really made it. 


(p.s. 27 years later and I'm still not convinced that's not Billy Squier in the Miami Vice pimp clothes)