Hair Metal Monday 03/09/2015

Sort of failing on my promise to only include bands who never made it this week.

I say "sort of" because while the name Bar 7 means very little to most people, it was the post-Tesla project put together by Jeff Keith and Tommy Skeoch after their original band's breakup. I hesitate to include anything Tesla related under the hair metal genre too. I standby them being one of the only bands to come out of the 80's I still listen to regularly and think everything they've ever done is fucking fantastic. Bar 7 was no exception. It sounds like the unreleased 5th Tesla album. I'd guess the majority of the songs were supposed to be Tesla tunes to begin with.

Tesla of course reunited a couple of years after this album so all's well that ends well.

Anyway, if you dig Tesla and haven't heard this record find it immediately. It's every bit as good as any album they've ever made.