Hair Metal Monday 05/11/2015

In the wake of Guns N' Roses massive success in 1988 major labels were climbing all over themselves to sign any band out of L.A. that had more than a couple of tattoos and looked like they hadn't bathed in weeks. While glam certainly wasn't dead, the tide had shifted.

Indeed the offers were so hard to resist even punk rock royalty got swept up: Junkyard was a band quickly put together to capitalize on that feeding frenzy, featuring legendary guitarist Brian Baker (Minor Threat, Fugazi, Bad Religion). 

The band released 2 albums in their original incarnation before disbanding in 1991. All 3 of their videos got decent MTV play but the major success Geffen Records had counted on never materialized. They still play sporadically to this day and have released several independent records since reforming in the early 2000's.

Enjoy the closest thing they ever had to a "hit":