Hair Metal Monday 08/30/2015

After 2 weeks of Kiss related HMM posts, the trend continues with this week's entry - looking at the 80's output of everyone's favorite Space Man, Ace Frehley.

After leaving Kiss in 1982 Ace struggled for the next few years to put a solo band together. Multiple demos were recorded and various lineups came and went before finally securing a deal with Megaforce Records in 1986.

Christening his project 'Frehley's Comet', the band's debut album was released in the Spring of '87. Quickly going Gold behind a sold out tour and 2 videos in heavy rotation on MTV, the band carried that momentum into 1988 with high expectations for the follow up. Unfortunately the 2nd album 'Second Sighting' was a major disappointment both critically and commercially. With a much poppier sound and lacking the riffs Ace was known for, Ace dissolved the Comet just a few months after the record's release. Ace released his next album 'Trouble Walking', billed simply as Ace Frehley, in 1989. Although the album didn't sell as well as the first Frehley's Comet record, it was a return to form musically. Featuring multiple guests, including the members of Skid Row and Peter Criss (the first time Ace and Peter had played together in 10 years), the album has become a fan favorite.

Following the tour for 'Trouble Walking' Ace then disappeared for the next half decade. Reminiscent of the mid-80's, demos were recorded and rumors circulated about a new album, but nothing ever materialized. Ace finally returned to touring in 1995 on a co-headlining trek with his old friend Peter Criss. Dubbed "The Bad Boys Tour", the shows were instant sell outs. After each had played a set with their solo band, the 2 would end the night with an encore of Kiss songs...unwitting practice for what was about to go down just a few months later (but we won't go into that here).

Mirroring Kiss' treatment of their 80's material, Ace now basically neglects the entire decade. His setlists are heavy on new songs and Kiss classics, and although that may make the casual fan happy, there's a whole generation who stuck by Space Ace and want to hear those songs. Unfortunately this blog post is the best chance you'll probably get any time soon.