A National Disgrace

15 hours since I woke up and read the news and I'm still trying to make sense of exactly what just happened.

It's like the stages of grief after someone dies. I've been through denial and depression, but the anger stage will be sticking around indefinitely. I can't imagine ever getting to the bargaining stage. And acceptance? No fucking way.

Hillary Clinton didn't lose, neither did The Democratic Party. America did.

We as a collective entity gave our approval of homophobia, racism, misogyny and xenophobia. We gave our explicit endorsement to the ugliest traits of humanity. We just made a cartoonish buffoon the leader of the most powerful nation on earth. A con man who was both unqualified and undeserving will now be our leader. A bully who embodies literally everything that is wrong with the human experience in 2016 is our face to the rest of the world.

I blame not only each and every person who voted for him, but the media who took his campaign seriously and legitimized what should have been nothing more than a circus sideshow. I blame the rest of the GOP who didn't distance themselves from him and feared being ostracized from their party more than they loved our country. The blood is on all of your hands.

I woke up this morning a straight, white, middle class, heterosexual male knowing full well I'm the one demographic most likely to not have their life changed at all. However that narrow viewpoint is precisely what drives people to vote for a monster like Donald Trump. Complete disregard for everyone who isn't you. Everything we've gained the last 8 years, all of the steps we've taken to become a more beautiful, kind and open place are about to be wiped away. Welcome to a society where those who need our help and protection the most will be marginalized and treated with indifference at best.

That's not a society I want to be any part of. It's unfortunately the society that millions of my fellow Americans have decided we need. That's a complete and utter tragedy.

I've never been so ashamed and disgusted in my entire life.