Apple Music Recommendations

In theory the "For You" section of Apple Music is a great idea. Suggesting albums I might like and playlists of bands I haven't heard is a great way to discover new music. One way to adjust the algorithm is to hit the "Love" button on songs you do like so the automatic curation knows where your tastes lie.

The last 10 things I've hit "Love" on?

Neko Case
Sturgill Simpson
Nicki Bluhm
Big Star
The Replacements
Kurt Vile
The Jayhawks
Gillian Welch
Israel Nash
Shovels & Rope

That should provide a pretty good idea of what I'm interested in right now.

This morning Apple Music suggested this:


At no point in my life, even in my metal crazed youth, did I ever have a penchant for anything that could be described as "Battle Metal". Other than the occasional Dio record I've never owned an album that had a dragon on the cover.

Instead of hitting that apparently useless button to tell Apple Music what I'm listening to, I'm just gonna throw on a loincloth and roll with it.

March or Die!