Wherefore Art Thou Siri?

With the announcement today of Google Home (joining the ranks of the Amazon Echo) it's even more obvious how far behind Apple has fallen in the 'Digital Assistant' category, despite having a massive head start with Siri.

Almost 5 years later and Siri has gained basically no more functionality than it had when it was first launched with the iPhone 4s. It's a little faster and slightly better at voice recognition, but when compared to the competition it's laughable. Most queries lead to a useless list of web links and the lack of an API has kept it woefully underpowered. While Google and Amazon users are ordering pizza, getting Uber rides, finding out the weather, buying flowers, turning on their lights and being read the news - we Apple die hards get to ask where to hide bodies, just like we did in 2011.

Here's to hoping this is another category like the iPod. Apple will be late to the game but their offering will be so much better than everyone else's it will be worth the wait. Their recent history though (ahem, Apple Music) doesn't inspire as much confidence as it used to.