A Man Called Destruction

Just finished reading Holly George-Warren's amazing biography of Alex Chilton and have come away somehow even more enamored than I was before.

A detailed look at his entire life from childhood through his teen idol phase with The Box Tops to Big Star on through to his latter day solo material. A criminally underrated and often misunderstood genius, Chilton spent the majority of his career trying to destroy his past before finally embracing it in his final years. It's a captivating read that's recommended for anyone who's ever loved his music or wants a further education on how crooked and unfair the music business can be. A beautifully written story about a beautiful person.

The biggest shame is how someone who created some of the greatest music ever committed to tape died practically broke and didn't go to the doctor when he first had chest pains because he didn't have health insurance. If the man who wrote "September Gurls" wasn't worthy of free health care we're all fucked.