Revisiting My iOS 10 Wishlist

3 months ago I made a list of things I'd like to see in the next release of iOS. With iOS 10 being revealed today I thought I'd look back and see how well I did:

  • iCloud Account Merging: I knew it was too much to ask for. Sigh.

  • Multiple Airplay Speaker Support: It wasn't mentioned, but I'm not ruling it out just yet, especially since Google announced it with existing Chromecast hardware.

  • Overhaul: Unfortunately not a word was even said about Mail. Thinking it's time to make that switch to Airmail permanently.

  • Better Healthkit Integration: Boom! My first wish to be checked off. Literally everything I asked for is happening in iOS 10.

  • Apple Music Overhaul: In my best Jim Dalrymple voice, "yep". I'm 2 for 5 now.

  • Third Party Siri Integration: Another one in the win category. Can't wait.

  • HomeKit: Another example where it's like they read my list and went point by point. I'm batting .500 now.

  • IFTTT Integration: I knew there was no chance in hell of this all along. It's one of the few downfalls of a company that takes privacy that seriously.

Overall I I got 3 (maybe 4?) out of 7. Not too shabby, especially when a couple of them I didn't honestly expect anyway.