Playoff Odds

With the Cubs winning the World Series last year and the Nashville Predators in the thick of the Stanley Cup playoffs, I put on my Math Hat this morning and started thinking about any given team's chance of making the playoffs in their respective sport.

Major League Baseball has 30 teams, and only 8 make the playoffs (I'm not counting the single game Wild Card playoff - that should really be considered game 163 of the regular schedule). With those numbers any MLB team has just under a 27% chance of getting in. Only the absolute best teams make it.

The NBA and NHL both have 30 teams and 16 playoff spots. So every team has a 53% chance of playing in the postseason. Before the first puck is dropped in November THE ODDS OF MAKING THE PLAYOFFS ARE ALREADY IN YOUR FAVOR. You can have a losing record and still get in.

The NFL has 32 teams, 12 of which make the playoffs. That equals a 38% chance of making it.

What does all of this mean? Baseball is damn near impossible, the NHL and NBA have way too many teams in the postseason but the NFL seems to get it right.

This is just some of the random shit that flies around in my head.