Link: Ginger Wildheart Hospitalized

Ginger Wildheart Hospitalized Due To Mental Health Issues

I've had more than a few posts detailing not only my struggle with depression, but almost as many praising the work of Ginger Wildheart.

Mental illness isn't a sign of weakness and it's time for the stigma to end. Many of you reading this loved Kurt Cobain, some of you may have loved Chester Bennington or Chris Cornell, but Ginger's music has touched me in ways almost no one else's has.

I've only met the man once (and was shaking like a school girl when I did), but have communicated with him via email and online for years. He sent me an amazing note when I had to put Mia to sleep and donated money to the Nashville Red Cross when he found out my home was destroyed in the 2010 flood.

As much as I revere his music and consider him one of the few contemporary musicians to deserve the title of "genius", he's also an all around amazing human being.

If it can happen to him (and I'm truly thankful he wasn't successful in his attempt) it can plague any of us.