What's So Funny 'Bout...

Elvis Costello said it best.

When did it suddenly become so commonplace to immediately assume everyone who's less fortunate is a freeloading welfare case who's bleeding the system and taking money out of the pockets of the middle class?

I'm fucking tired of Facebook posts bemoaning "our tax dollars" paying for those "too lazy" to provide for themselves. People who are too blinded by conservative talk radio and a not-so-hidden racism to realize their tax bracket is a lot closer to the homeless population than it is to the CEOs they desire to be in the same social class with.

Shit happens to good people. I won't lie, if I suddenly became unemployed I'd be about a month away from bankruptcy and government assistance. My ability to comprehend that is what sets me apart from the people in their ivory towers who are too noble to see how quickly it could all fall apart. 

Taking care of the downtrodden is one of the foundations this country was built on. NOT Christianity as so many like to believe. Being a good person is race and religion agnostic. Unfortunately so is being a piece of shit.