I was just offered a ticket to see Paul McCartney tomorrow night. A chance to see one of the 2 living Beatles. A chance to mark something off my bucket list that's been on there as long as I've known what a bucket list is.

And I'm so broke I had to pass.

Not to mention tonight Motley Crue's "Farewell Tour" is in Nashville. A show that at any point in my life I'd say there was no way I'd miss. Yeah, I'm not going to that either,

I'm 38 years old and can't afford anything beyond the bare necessities. Anything like this, something that most any fully grown man can do without batting an eye, is completely out of the question.

Life wasn't supposed to fucking be like this.

I've just about had enough. Things like this only serve as a reminder of how shitty life is and a trigger to kick me back down the spiral.