Soundgarden - 'Superunknown' 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

With my 20 year high school reunion quickly approaching next month quite a few great albums are being re-released for their 20th anniversary too.

I wrote about the Oasis 'Definitely Maybe' box set a couple of weeks ago. As much as I love that record, I didn't actually discover it until a couple of years after it came out. This album on the other hand was everywhere during the spring/summer of 1994. 

I vividly remember it blasting out of almost every car in the Waverly Central High parking lot, listening to it during our "Senior Skip Day", on our post-graduation trip to Florida and at pretty much every party that summer. Listening to it now takes me back like it was yesterday. A yesterday that gets further and further in the past quicker than I ever imagined. Any little thing that can make you feel like that wide eyed 18 year old with the whole world in front of them again is a wonderful thing.

Anyway, it's packed with 4 discs of demos, rehearsals, live versions and all the usual goodness of a 21st century re-release. If any part of you gets misty eyed for Seinfeld, flannel shirts or Windows 3.1 - go grab this immediately.