What's Old Is New Again

When I was 14 I loved Led Zeppelin. Discovering their music was a godsend. Every album I bought I'd study it intently for months before buying the next one I didn't have. Each one was like a textbook on how to be the quintessential rock band.

Over the years between classic rock radio over saturation and expanding my musical taste beyond hard rock and metal I grew out of Zeppelin. Their music became almost annoying and seemed beloved by every frat bro dumbass in the entire world. I still respected what they did but wouldn't shed a tear if I never heard a note of it again.

Today looking through the iTunes store I saw the new Zeppelin remasters had been released. I always considered Zeppelin III my favorite Zep record. Mostly acoustic and not played to death. I decided to buy it. An hour later I bought the first 2 albums as well.

A 15 year break where I intentionally stayed away from them has done me a world of good. I'm reminded again of what an incredible band they were. They really were the blueprint for everything that's come after. Plus the remastering sounds fucking amazing.