No More Hipster Entertainment

Last year I finally made the decision to "cut the cord". I was tired of paying $120 a month for stuff I never watched. I decided to go with a combo of Hulu, Netflix, iTunes and the occasional less than legal torrent and stream. For the most part it worked well. I never really missed the things I wanted to see, just had to wait a day or two before I saw them. No big deal and the savings was nice.

Fast forward to last week. The promo period on my ISP was ending and the internet only plan I was on was going to $60 a month. I checked around and found AT&T Uverse had a special deal with twice the speed I was getting from another carrier + 320 channels for only $80 a month. Score! I'd pay another $20 for 50 Mbps down alone, so the seemingly endless TV options were just a bonus.

This weekend I was reminded of not only how little there is in worthwhile TV programming, but just how fun that can be. I watched a documentary on the connection between the KKK and the Italian Mafia. I watched 6 episodes of Hoarders. I watched 10 straight hours of HGTV. I watched more ESPN than I can remember. I watched soooooo many Seinfeld reruns. 

Sometimes being a mindless consumer zombie is awesome.