Internet Gripes

Before I go and sound like a total curmudgeon, let me say I LOVE the internet. It's been a huge part of my life for almost 20 years. Now 90% of my job requires it. As a tool for connecting, creativity and discovery it's one of the greatest inventions of all time. That said...

Lately parts of the internet have become completely unbareable. No, I don't mean comment sections filled with racism and misogyny. People are always gonna be assholes. The net has just given them an audience. My gripes are with things that we could change.

  • Full page ads that hijack every fucking link I click on. I clicked on your page to see whatever it is you've published, not be assaulted by T-Mobile.
  • The "cliffhanger" links that flood my Facebook timeline constantly. You know what I'm referring to - "This man returned home from work and what he discovered will shock you". No, it won't. Stop.
  • LIsts. So many fucking lists. 'Top 10 Celebrities Who Have Screwed a Sheep'. 'Top 20 Kanye West Meltdowns". 'Top 5 Signs You Have Irritable Bowel Syndrome'. Seriously, doesn't anyone write anymore? Just make an article. Don't put everything in a goddamn list. I blame you Buzzfeed. (I also get the irony that this post is a lise...see, it's like a disease)
  • LISTS THAT ARE SPREAD OUT OVER 20 PAGES. If you managed to con me into clicking on your fucking list, give it to me on one page. Don't spread 20 items over 20 pages. I understand clicks = advertising dollars. They also guarantee I'll never visit your site again.

If we made a conscious effort to stop doing everything above the internet would be a much better place. If we can't stop it, at least we can stop clicking the links and indirectly telling them we're ok with this horseshit.