Hair Metal Monday 03/23/2015

This week is another band from my hometown of Memphis, TN. 

Unlike Tora Tora, Lord Tracy had literally no success at all. They were one of a handful of bands from Memphis to get signed and unfortunately went nowhere. I'd have never even heard of them if it weren't for an ad in RIP magazine. 

Anyway, the album is half "serious" (or as serious as late 80's metal can get) and half extremely raunchy comedy. While not a good mix for a band trying to make it, it was perfect for a 14 year old boy obsessed with getting laid. The record came out in the spring of '89 and the band hasn't been heard from since. 

They are an interesting footnote in metal history though: their lead singer was Pantera's singer on their first 3 albums before getting replaced by Phil Anselmo. Needless to say the 2 bands then went in polar opposite directions, both in terms of musical direction and especially success.

Here's their one (long forgotten) video. Enjoy.