Hair Metal Monday 04/06/2015

This week's entry is another band I know literally nothing about other than I loved their one and only record.

Law & Order (they were around before the TV series) were a New York City based band who had the misfortune of being on MCA records. Affectionately referred to as "Musicians Cemetery of America", the label signed a number of bands throughout the late 80's metal boon, and not a single one of them survived long enough to even release a second album.

The band's 2 singles got some moderate airplay on MTV but they were a bit too punk and not nearly glam enough to fit in with what was popular in the fall of 1989. A quick Google search shows the members of the band haven't done anything of note since, and any info on them is almost impossible to find. A shame, as their album 'Guilty Of Innocence' was one of the most overlooked records of the era. 

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