21 - # of days since I decided to completely change my life
22.6 - # of pounds I've lost in those days
1200 - # of calories (or less) I'm eating every day
3300 - # of calories (or more) I'm burning every day
9605 - # of steps I'm averaging every day
1000000 - # of how many times better I feel than I did just 3 weeks ago

I was planning on writing an epic post about how I've transformed my life in such a short time, but the numbers above say it better than any words a hack writer like myself could come up with. I've still got a long way to go, but I'm a third of the way there in less than a month.

It's not just about diet or exercise, it's changing your entire lifestyle. It's about embracing the pain and the hunger and making yourself the person you want to be. I'm almost 40 and in 21 days I already feel better than I have at any point during my 30's.

I promised to make 2015 the year I was finally happy, I just didn't realize 5 months ago I don't need anyone but myself and a little determination (and a whole lotta sweat) to make that happen.

Cheers to me.