Sharing Pt II

I've written before about the dilemma on what to share and how much, but have been faced with the issue again several times in the last few weeks.

I check my traffic numbers here pretty regularly and know that 90% of the people who read this are people I'll never know. That makes it easy to write freely and not worry about personal relationships when you're tending to a faceless audience. It's when people find this site that I actually know that things can get muddled.

I promised myself years ago I wouldn't self-censor here, and for the most part I'd like to think I've kept that promise. While most people turn to social media to express their thoughts and opinions, knowing it can be seen by family, co-workers and acquaintances DOES cause them to edit more than they'd like, whether they realize it or not. I've always wanted this place to be mine.

Some of my more personal posts I've asked myself "why not just write in a journal?". I've considered it. The reason I don't is the off chance someone could stumble across this site who's also struggling with depression, or loneliness or even how to setup fucking MX mail records for their domain. Maybe this site will give them a little glimmer of hope that they're not the only ones.

If that happens even once I've accomplished more than I ever hoped.