Hair Metal Monday 07/20/2015

This week's entry is from a band who was both criminally underrated and hugely influential.

Hanoi Rocks emerged from Finland in 1980 a wild mixture of New York Dolls, The Stooges and British glam. With a look that pre-dated the 80's hair metal explosion by a half decade the band was ahead of their time both musically and visually. Relocating to England in 1983 the band was finally signed to a major label and seemed poised on the brink of major success when tragedy struck. On the eve of their first American tour, drummer Razzle was partying with Motley Crue singer Vince Neil when the car they were in wrecked, killing both a passenger in the other vehicle as well as Razzle. The band broke up almost immediately after.

Though they never reached the multi-platinum heights they seemed destined for, the band left behind 4 studio albums, a live record and several albums worth of b-sides and outtakes. All of which were cited as major influences on everyone from Skid Row to Foo Fighters to Green Day.