My Name Is Nick And I'm Addicted To Email Apps

Earlier this week I was invited to beta test a new iOS email client from a well known and much respected app developer. I jumped at the chance, even knowing in the back of my mind what the end result would be. You see, I have issues:

(The blurred icon in the top row is the super secret beta I've been testing)

As you might can tell from the photo above I buy and test practically every email client that's released for iOS. While most people have moved on to texting and Facebook as their main form of communication, the nature of my day job makes me rely on email. Email, for all it's flaws and horror and ability to suck your time, still just feels comfortable

I'm also a bit of an edge case. Having my own domain I don't get the luxury of picking one of the built in email hosts in apps, I have to configure accounts manually. Our Exchange server also doesn't permit IMAP, so true Exchange support is a necessity as well. These 2 prerequisites disqualify a lot of apps seconds after their downloaded. The rest I'll use for days and even sometimes weeks, but every time I always end up back using the standard Apple Mail. Some of them look amazing, some have great feature sets (seriously Apple, add deferred email and multi-swipes in iOS 9), some are designed around social networking and some are just laughably bad. None of them though get the job done quite as well as regular old Mail. It's not flashy, it won't add my Facebook/Twitter/Linked In contacts and it won't display fireworks and confetti when I reach the magical Inbox Zero© - but it's absolutely rock solid, which is the most important part of a good email app.